How long does it take?

Our normal turn around is 3-5 business days and standard shipping of 3-5 days.

Can i get the PhotoMozaix quicker than the normal turn around?

Yes, we do offer an expedited production and express shipping for an additional fee.

What size will the print be?

PhotoMozaix are a 20×30 print. This is a standard size, so you should be able to find a frame easily. We do not print smaller sizes because the images will be difficult to see.

What type of paper is the print on?

We print all the PhotoMozaix on a high quality Satin finish paper. Weight 270 gsm and 10.8 Mil.

How many photos can be used to make my PhotoMozaix?

The best prints are made with 300-400 photos. We can make it with as few as 50, but the images will repeat a few times each. Also we can make the PhotoMozaix with over 700 photos but the images will be very small and harder to see.

What is the best type of photo to use as the main image?

The best photos are ones that are not too busy and the really dark/light areas are small.

Does it matter what direction my main image is turned?

Your 20×30 PhotoMozaix print will be the same orientation as the main image selected. Example: if your Main image is horizontal then the PhotoMozaix will be horizontal.

Do the photos have to be color or B&W?

If the main image is a B&W then all of the photos that make up the PhotoMozaix show up B&W to make the main image. If the main image is color, then all the photos that make up the PhotoMozaix will be whatever the original state of the photo.

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